Howtolord Guide : How to Increase Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism Effect On Your Weight
Metabolism Effect On Your Weight

Metabolism is your body’s way of making use of foods and drinks your intake and turns it into energy that will fuel you throughout the day.

And even in your resting period, your body still makes use of the calories of the food and drinks you intake for its regular maintenance (breathing, blood circulating, hormone level adjusting and the like).

Metabolism and Its Effect On Your Weight

Increase Metabolism Naturally
Increase Metabolism Naturally

Remember though that it is not metabolism (genetics), slow or not that is the main reason behind your weight. Your weight is still highly associated with your lifestyle: your daily activities and your daily food and drinks intake.

Some Tips That You Have To Know

Metabolism Effect On Your Weight
Metabolism Effect On Your Weight
  1. Take care of yourself – By not starving and getting enough sleep. Do not be overly conscious that you have to cut so many calories. This will confuse your own body’s sense of balance and may affect its way of burning fats negatively. Not getting enough sleep, on the other hand, will disrupt your system that will, in turn, disrupt your metabolic processes in the hormonal level and even at the cellular level.
  2. Eat fat burning foods – First on the list is spicing your food with hot pepper, then whole grain like brown rice and oatmeal, lean meat (chicken and turkey), dairy products that are low in fat and so on.
  3. Build on muscles – Instead of fats through weight training. The muscle tissues are the metabolically active ones, unlike fats which do not contribute to any metabolic rate at all. The muscles will require the calories you intake when you use and maintain these tissues. Thus, as you have more muscles, then the higher your metabolism will be.
  4. Feed on protein – Eating protein requires to the body to burn more calories, and at the same time you will take on less food throughout the day if you started your day with protein- enrich meal.
  5. Drink your coffee – The caffeine in coffee will boost your metabolism. Do not overindulge in it, though.

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