Learn And Try – How To Make Brown Eyes Look Green?

Brown Eyes Look Green
Brown Eyes Look Green

Each people has different characteristics. Same goes to the eye colors. People also vary on their eye colors. There are some whose eye color changes once they grew color. But, is it possible to change eye color?

Give me green eyes!

Yes, it is always possible to change eye colors but nor permanently. Anyone can make use of it for temporary reasons. How make brown eyes look green? There are two ways in doing it

Brown Eyes Look Green
Brown Eyes Look Green
  • By applying eye makeup
  • By using contact lenses

The first option would not be applicable to all types of eyes. This would be the best option for those who have gray eyes. Compared to any other eye colors, gray eyes pick easily the color around them. In order for it to make green, use colors such as pink, plum, purple, maroon, wine and red-brown. On the other hand, the second way is applicable to everyone. The first thing to do is to visit an ophthalmologist to get the accurate prescription.

How make brown eyes look green?

Those who have a perfect vision is not exempted. They are still needed to visit them for fitting the contacts. Wearing contacts which have a wrong shape to the eyeballs can really be painful. After getting a prescription, make sure to get it from legitimate lens retailer. Safeness should always be prioritized in this case due also to the delicateness of the eyes. If the contact lenses are badly made, it can lead to blindness.

There are some contacts which can only be worn once and some can be worn many times. So, decide properly before purchasing one. Keep in mind that contacts should be removed before going to sleep. Even if it is an extended-wear contact, it needs to be taken out to prevent any eye infection to occur.

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