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Sex is a normal need of a person.

According to some psychological theory, it belongs to one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and it is under Love and Belongingness. It is amazing how sex and how our bodies react to it since both man and woman have different sexual organs.

But in this article, We will be dwelling more on a Man’s Reproductive System and to further understand how it works. So to learn more about it just read the rest of this article.

How to maintain erection during Intercourse

Erection during Sex intercourse
Erection during Sex intercourse

In a Man’s Reproductive system, the penis is known to be the man’s sexual organ. There are different sizes of it according to the person’s race and nationality. The penis has a part called shaft which is the longest part of the penis. It has two main arteries in which blood flows from it, and that will also be the cause as to why penis erect when a man gets excited or is being stimulated. Erection usually is a reaction of the penis when a man gets excited, or something has that triggers their brain to send nerve impulses and send messages to the arteries that are located in the penis to which blood flows from it through the main arteries.

Erection starts in the brain of a man

If there is something that triggers it, then the penis will erect until such time that the impulses will fade away. But there are a lot of factors as to why some men are having a problem when it comes to erection, and this can be discussed to another topic which is about erectile dysfunction.

Men Maintain Erection
Men Maintain Erection

But to answer your queries, well as what I have mentioned before, it all starts in the brain. If your brain or if a person has seen, smell or makes him have an urge to have sex then the brain will send a message to the penis for it to erect. A person should be relaxed when during sex so that the penis will remain erect and not think or being conscious about it since this can affect the penis and the performance as well. Doing four play also helps in maintain the erection or do something that excites you, this can also help.

But if you made all of the above mentions, but still not useful then it would be better to have a health check-up, because we might not know if you have an erectile dysfunction, at least medical doctors know to help and give intervention.

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