Six Easy Steps on How To Make Candles From Scratch

Candles From Scratch
Candles From Scratch

There are lots of people who collect candles in different forms. It’s thought to be art, especially the ones with various forms and colors. Of course, it could be really useful during a power outage and even when you want to have some romantic candlelit dinner.  Or you can even make it as a gift to your friends. But the best types of candles are the ones that are made at home.

Homemade Candles

Candles From Scratch
Candles From Scratch

Here’s How To Make Candles From Scratch in case you want to make your very own candles to give to others or to collect.

How To Make Candles From Scratch

  • Determine what kind of wax you have at home. The usual type you might see at home is the paraffin wax. You can get it from melted candle, stubs, and even crayons. If you’re using candles and crayons, you have to assure that there are more candles than crayons.
  • Remove the wicks and papers on the crayons and candles. Just assure that you only have the wax and no other impurities.
  • Place you’re the candles and crayons on a tin can and put it in a pan with boiling water. Continuously stir the wax so it won’t stick together. The wax should reach only half of the tin can when it melts
  • Prepare stick and string for the wick. You may want to use a string that’s five inches more than your mold (a milk carton with a cut out top will do). Be sure that you also have a thicker wick. If not, you can braid your string to make it thicker. Tie your wick in a string.
  • Holding the skewer, dip the wick in the wax. Then put the skewer over the milk carton and make sure the wick is right in the middle. The other end of the wick should reach the bottom of the mold.
  • Melt the remaining wax you have and then pour the melted wax on your carton and wait till it cools. When it cools down, remove it and then do your own design if you want.

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