How To Make Facial Hair Thicker : 2017 Men’s Guide

The ability to grow facial hair like beard or mustache is highly dependent on your genetic make- up and your testosterone hormone. Some can grow thick facial hair fast as they reach puberty while others are not able to grow that fast facial hair.

Having thick facial hair is one of the trends today thanks to Duck Dynasty and national grow your beard month, more and more men are choosing not to shave their burly facial hairs.

It might take years to develop and thicken facial hair starting puberty. But there are natural substances and agents that aids in thickening facial hairs as will be listed later.

Grow facial hair like beard or mustache

Others believe that shaving will make their facial hair thicker and grow faster but that is not so. Notice that the illustration of each hair strand is where it is thick at the roots and gets thinner as it reaches the tip. So when you shave your facial hair, you feel the thicker part of facial hair which is the stubs.

Five Ways on How To Make Facial Hair Thicker

Listed below are the different ways for a thicker facial hair. You can choose one or two treatments at a time.

  1. Make an Apple Masks Apple contains Vitamin B2. Puree them and apply once a week.
  2. Apply Coconut Oil Massage you part of your face with hair and it coconut oil will improve the blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, the nutrients and the oxygen will then be facilitated into your facial hair. The coconut oil will stimulate the hair growth and thickening.
  3. Apply Castor Oil This oil also helps in the blood circulation that will eventually stimulate hair growth and thickening.
  4. Apply Orange Juice Apply orange juice for not just thicker but faster hair growth.
  5. Make and Egg and Olive Oil Mask The egg helps to build the protein needed to make the hair thicker. The olive oil, on the other hand, contributes its omega- 3 fatty acids that also help the hair to be thicker.

How to Grow Thick Facial Hair: Bottom Line

With the trend being these days all about thick facial hair, you may want to grow your beard now more than ever before! You may not have the heredity that allows you to have a thick beard, but there are many natural ways that you can enhance your beard and make it grow in thicker as time passes.

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