How to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in Natural and Simplest Ways

Did you know that you can prevent diabetes in natural ways? Type 1 diabetes is a condition where your body does not produce insulin because the beta cells in your pancreas are damaged and destroyed.

Insulin helps your body balance your blood sugar.

It is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use glucose or sugar from carbohydrates in the foods that you are eating to produce energy and to keep for future use.

Prevent Diabetes Type 1: In Natural And Simplest Ways

Type 1 diabetes is very rare, and only 5% of people with diabetes have this.

It is very common for both men and women.

Although it affects people more than 20 years old, it can be at any age. It is commonly known as juvenile diabetes.

How to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

  1. Consuming right and nutritious substances
  • It has anti-diabetic properties that help the damaged beta cells to revitalize without adverse effects.
  • Avocado Seed Extracts. It helps reduce the diabetic sugar. It protects the beta cells from harm.
  • Long-term consumption of honey. It regenerates beta cells on metabolic derangements.
  • Corn Silk. It reduces blood sugar and generates beta cells stimulation.
  • It is an amino acid that is capable of stimulating the genesis of beta cells.
  1. Limit, minimize or abolish foods that cause type 1 diabetes
  • Refined Sugar
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Conventional Cow Milk
  • Grains like wheat
  • Soy
  1. Do some daily exercises or engage yourself in some sports activities- It is important to ensure that you indulge in the regular workout and some activity that involves physical movements.
  2. Consult an expert or doctor – Make sure to visit your doctor regularly to keep track on it.
  3. Insulin intake as recommended – Consult the doctor and take insulin as advised.

The above-listed ways are all useful, but it varies on how to determine you are in following it and it also varies on how your daily routine work.

Choose the right amount of food you intake. Lastly, always follow your doctor’s recommendation, and that includes medication.

Prevent Diabetes: Bottom Line

One of the main cures for any disease or ailment for your health is to prevent it before you have to seek treatment or get the dreaded diagosis. Ignoring the predisposed factors that can make you prone to diabetes is not the right thing to do in any circumstance.

You have every opportunity of taking your own health into your hands and doing the right thing to begin with. Be sure to eat well, choose healthy foods, moderate sugar, fat, and calorie intake, and also always get regular exercise in order to preven t diabetes.


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