3 Quick Tips to Replace Your Hard Drive in 2017

Some people are quite good with technology or gadgets, but there are also those who balk at the thought of doing something tech-related.

This is very true with those who might have to deal with their computers or other gadgets.

Downloading an app or installing a program might be manageable for some but if it has something to do with the hardware it can be quite challenging.


Dealing with a Hard Drive – Not So Hard

One item that many people might have to deal with is the hardware of their computer. It is easier though to bring it to an expert and have them work on it but it is not always that they can do it. There are times when it has to be dealt with immediately or have things done by yourself.

One good thing to know is how to replace a hard drive. The first step would be for them to determine if it is still working or not. If not then it is high time for them to get a new one and replace the old and faulty one.

Tips to Replace a Hard Drive – 

1 – Make sure to create a backup image or copy your valuable data somewhere.

2 – Get a new Hard drive having better specs and Storage which can perform well with your computer.

3 – Check the type of Hard Disk whether it has SATA or IDE data/power connectors.

Troubleshooting  Tips and Advice:

Depending on the age, condition, make, model, and etc of the computer that you are having issues with – you can troubleshoot it online by searching for your model and ID# of the computer that you want to repair. HP, Dell, Mac and more all have troubleshooting guides, and assistance online that can help you to find the issues and decipher if you need to replace certain parts of the computer to get it back up again. It is best to check with the brand of computer official website, before purchasing just any replacement drive- so that you assure that you have the right part.

Replacing Your Hard Drive: Bottom Line

When acquiring a new drive,  you should make sure that it is supported by the motherboard and is of the correct size. In some cases, it would be better if  you bring the old one when they buy a replacement for the version, make, model. Caution should be exercised when dealing with electronic items.

If you have all the things they need, then they can open the computer case and determine the location of the hard drive and unscrew it. Then you can remove the bad drive and then replace it with the new one. After it has been successfully installed it is suggested that you check for various software that may or may not need to be installed for your computer to work optimally.

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